Effective and Painless Kidney Stone Surgery in Delhi

Experiencing kidney stones? Avail the benefits of Kidney Stone Surgery in Delhi, at the leading urology hospital, Delhi Urology Hospital. A wide range of kidney stone surgeries are performed by Dr. Niren Rao, a renowned urologist and the founder of the hospital. The surgeries provided are PCNL, mini PCNL, and RIRS, and are routinely performed at the facility with the help of lasers and minimally invasive approaches. The type of surgery chosen will depend on the patient’s condition and the size of the stone. To learn more about these kidney stone surgeries, visit Delhi Urology Hospital today!

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Delhi Urology Hospital

Dr. Niren Rao is one of the best urologists in Delhi, India. He has more than 10 years of experience treating prostate cancer, kidney stones, bladder stones, and other urological conditions at his Delhi Urology Hospital.