What is Prostate Cancer? 

Cancer is the result of abnormal cell growth, which interferes with the normal cell functioning of the body, making it difficult to function properly. When abnormal cells form and grow in the prostate gland, prostate cancer begins to spread. Not all abnormal growth is cancerous (malignant); some are non-cancerous (benign).

  1. Benign Growths: Benign growths such as BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) are not life-threatening. They do not spread to the surrounding areas or other parts of the body. These growths can be removed and have less probability of growing back.

  2. Cancerous Growths: Cancerous growths such as prostate cancer can spread to nearby areas, including the bladder or rectum, or other body parts. If the abnormal growth gets removed, it will still grow back. Prostate cancer can be life-threatening if it spreads beyond the prostate and causes metastatic disease.

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