The Effective Treatments for Bladder Stones at Delhi Urology Hospital 

Bladder stones are hard masses present in the bladder that form when the minerals in the concentrated urine crystallize. This might occur if one has problems emptying the bladder. The symptoms of bladder stones include discomfort or pain in the penis for males, frequent urination, pain when urinating, and blood in the urine. Bladder stones can be effectively removed if treated at the right time.

To provide readers with a better understanding of the different treatments to remove bladder stones, Dr. Niren Rao, a leading urologist at Delhi Urology Hospital, explains the same in this blog. The leading doctor is widely recognized for performing the best Bladder Stone Surgery in Delhi. Read on for more insights.

Bladder Stone Treatments Performed by the Expert Urologist at Delhi Urology Hospital

Dr. Niren Rao chooses one of the below treatment options for bladder stone surgery. The surgery is chosen depending on the stone’s size and the patient’s age. The treatments include:

1. Transurethral Cystolithocapaxy: The most popular surgical technique to remove bladder stones without making an external incision is cystolitholapaxy. With this surgery, the patient can go home the same day. The surgeon uses a cystoscope (with a camera at one end) to locate the bladder stone during the surgery. Afterwards, the stones are broken into smaller pieces with a laser and are removed from the bladder. However, in some cases, the expert doctor might need to remove stones by making tiny incisions in the bladder and lower abdomen.

2. Percutaneous Cystolithotomy PCCL: During this procedure, Dr. Niren Rao makes an incision around 1-2 cm in the lower abdominal wall. A telescope is introduced into the bladder to locate and break the stone into smaller pieces. This method is usually done for stones larger in size.

3. Open Cystolithotomy: This method again removes larger bladder stones surgically. During an open cystolithotomy, the expert doctor makes an incision through the skin and the bladder. Once the stone is removed, the bladder is stitched back. Open surgery is considered the best course of action if the stones are too big or rigid to be destroyed. Open cystolithotomy is best for patients for whom conservative management and minimally invasive procedures like percutaneous cystolithotomy (PCCL) are ineffective. The recovery time, however, can also vary depending on the patient's health and the incision size. After considering the severity of the patient's surgery, the doctor can provide accurate information regarding recovery.

Final Takeaway

Bladder stone surgeries are safe procedures. However, there could be a few complications if the right urologist does not perform the surgery. These include urine infection, injury of the bladder, stricture formation later in life, etc. Therefore, it is vital to choose an experienced urologist for the surgery. Dr. Niren Rao practices at the best Urology Hospital in Delhi and has more than a decade of experience in the field of urology. He has helped several patients get rid of bladder stones and live a normal, hassle-free life. 

If one wants to get rid of bladder stones, one can book an appointment with Dr. Niren Rao at Delhi Urology Hospital today and avail the benefits of the amazing treatments. Visit the clinic today! 

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